fredag 4 december 2009

The fragmentation of Social Networks

Som en hyllning till min pyssling Lance som just nu är på väg mot sydligare breddgrader, presenteras härmed vår gemensamma lista över de nya sociala nätverken som vi ser kommer blomma ut under nästa år.

Gracebook – for the beautiful people
Those-were-the-days-book – for nostalgics
Gray'sbook – for people into anathomy series
Brace-book – for teenagers with pimples and bad teeth
Isaak Hayesbook – for some nice 70’s soul
Bouillabaissebook – if you’re into french food
Steakbook – for people from Texas
Stakebook – if you’re a creepy guy
Spacebook – for all the astronauts out there
Casebook – for the police force
Gaysbook – for San Francisco
Pacebook – if you have a bad heart
Stay-out-of-my-facebook – if you don’t want any friends
Praisebook – for all the god lovin peeps
GB Glacebook – if ice cream is your forte
Erasebook – if don’t want to leave a trace
Lacebook – if you like sexy underwear
Without-a-tracebook – for the untraceable ones
Drum-and-bassbook – for DJ’s
Macebook – don’t leave home without it after dark

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Din syster (Anna Dahlbäck) sa...

Green Daysbook
Cold Casebook
Patrick Swayzebook